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Welcome to our News, Updates & Gossip Section:



Aerial Photography - July 21st. 2014:

I hope to be able to supply an Aerial Photography and Video Service in the coming weeks. I am in Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow to view and, hopefully, acquire some new equipment and flying machine for the purpose. Looking forward to another new challenge. 



Google Trusted Business Photographer  -  May 30th. 2014:

My appointment as a Google Trusted Business Photographer was finalised today. I made the application in January last and completed the vetting process and then forgot about it until my verification arrived this afternoon.





Lady Gregory Hotel  -  May 27th. 2014:

Today I was commissioned to do some commercial photography and a Virtual Tour for a multi-media marketing project for the hotel. The complete shoot was a huge success and I'm delighted with the results. It is the "maiden voyage" for my new Canon 5D MkIII also and Canon 6D combination.






Canon 5D mark 3 - May 17th. 2014: 

Just added the Canon 5D MkIII to my kit and should receive delivery next week. Looking forward to putting it through its paces and it will probably become my main kit camera thus simi-retiring my Canon 1DS MkII as my main backup. My 6D and 5D will be the main machines for elevated and rotational photography. I may consider keeping the 5D as a Studio camera only after adjusting the colour mapping to become more compatiable to Studio work. A few decisions to be made here !



Model Shoot - May 13th.2014:

Had a very successful shoot with models Natalie from the Isle of Sky and Natashia from the UK today. Both girls a pleasure to work with. Some of the results can be seen on our Models portfolio under SAMPLES.






On-Line Booking   -   May 3rd. 2014:

I have just added a booking section where you can book slots to have portraits taken, drop into the studio, collect work, etc, etc. As it is new there will be some "settling in" problems but over the next while I will be streamlining the system so that it will be able to auto-update directle to my diary and send updates to my mobile as they happen. 








March 24th 2014:

After much thought, soul searching and consideration I have decided to change my logo to a more modern and, I hope, more striking one that is in keeping with the latest direction that the business is being steered in. My old one has served me well for the past ten years but, I feel, has become outdated. So ............ a new logo, a new direction and, hopefully, continued success !






March 5th. 2014:

Just back from the Photography Show in Birmingham NEC. It seems to have been a huge success. The buzz around the place was amazing and the visitor numbers have to be a record for the event. Even though they had the event in bigger halls this year it was still packed to capacity on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Tuesday being the easiest day to get about and look at the products that were of most interest. I hear that next years event is moving to one of the really big halls so that is one to watch.


February 18th. 2014:

It's Confirmation time again in this area !   Bookings are coming in for sittings so we are happy to be busy for now. First Communion sittings are also being booked right now and it's great to see loyal customers return time and again to the Studio. For this we have to be thankful. It can be frustrating though, that so many of these events happen together and we have only a limited number of slots available each day ..... which fill up pretty quickly.  



February 1st. 2014:

Time is flying by with January over and the arrival of spring. Had an interesting month of product shooting which just suits the time of year that we are in. Much of February will be taken up with some of the plans I had for January but failed to fulfill. Have a busy month also with trade shows, meetings, two courses, end of the month in the UK and finishing the Studio also !



January 2nd. 2014:

Another new year starting and looking forward to the challanges and opportunities it will bring. The next few weeks will be devoted to upgrading the studio lighting and installing some new light units aquired in the last month. I also plan to finalise the installation of some extra flash units in the Rotational Photography Studio.

The Processing Room and the computers also need a little upgrade which may happen towards the month end when some new storage devices arrive. It's amazing how they fill up !. Some hardware changes are also planned with an emphisis on the server system and MUST install a new power backup unit as the over Christmas outages were a major upset.





December 20th.2013:






Here is wishing all our Customers, Friends, Associates and Site Visitors a very happy Christmas with good health and best wishes for 2014.





November 29th. 2013:

Looks like it's wedding booking season again judging on the amount of inquiries coming in for 2014 in the past few weeks. . 



November 21st. 2013:

Converting the old darkroom into a Studio for Rotational Product Photography for web advertising and marketing. Installing an automated rotation table and timed camera unit for precission timed shooting with fast charging lighting units.







November 17th. 2013:

Visiting Study Ireland Consultancy, Dublin on Tuesday next with a view to doing some consultancy work for them.




November 16th 2013:

Now taking bookings for 2013 Christmas Family Portrait Sittings. This is also a good time to order your Christmas Gift Vouchers also. Give the gift that keeps on giving enjoyment, pleasure and that priceless moment in time.




November 9th. 2013:

Now promoting our Virtual Tour service.