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                                                        Aerial Photography


We can now provide our clients with high quality aerial photography and video footage across the country whenever and whereever needed. These images and footage are commonly used in the advertising world, the real estate markets, the building industry and the insurance industry to name but a few. If you're looking for aerial images, then look no further. Using the most sophisticated drone GPS controled aircraft we deliver high quality aerial imagery as a low cost alternative to renting, manning and equipping full sized helicopters and aircraft. This service takes photography and video production to new heights by making aerial photography and video filming affordable for a range of private, commercial, industrial and investigative uses. Regardless of the need, be it for private use, real estate purposes, survey and inspection needs, marketing projects, investigative requirements, agricultural purposes or event management, we are making aerial photography and video affordable to everybody. Our Gyro stabilised and GPS safety controled aerial camera system captures high defination photography and video for a fraction of the cost of using traditional flyover aircraft. 





FROM  €180.00 (plus travel costs)

The price per project will depend on the time spent on the work, any unusual requirements and variable factors involved. We supply only the recorded footage and /or images for the customer to use as they require themselves. A 50% booking fee of the estimated cost of each project is required at the booking stage.

Call us to discuss your individual needs so that we can give you the best possible quote for your project.