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Elevated Photography

For clients who need to show their properties from a different prospective and give that wow factor to their presentation we offer the option of elevated photography as opposed to standard "on the ground" imaging. Auctioneers, Real Estate Agents, Markrting Agencies, Construction Companies, Insurance Companies, etc. who need to show their properties from a different and more pleasing angle will appreciate that an elevated image is often the best way to view a property, particularly one with trees and shrubs, landscaped gardens, ponds, etc. 

We also provide and cover Corporate, Public Relations, Events, Virtual Tours, Property Survey Imaging, etc.

The combination of the latest high quality digital camera equipment and the experienced hand of photographer Gerry Costello means that he is the natural choice for your elevated maging needs. Elevated imaging will add that wow factor to your project, be it a property for sale, a property under construction or a works progress report, particularly with those difficult to access sites and locations.

For elevated property and roof surveying we can take detailed, high resolution pictures from above without even touching the building. This is perfect when you're not sure hw safe the structure might be.

An elevated image shows all the surroundings with just a single image. Taken from an ideal height all obstructions such as fences, walls, trees, shrubs and cables are eliminated allowing the property or project  to be viewed from its best vantage point.

Elevated photography is a fast and effective way of shooting professional low cost images from a perspective that shows the full picture. In many applications, this less expensive alternative is replacing traditional ariel photography using aircraft and resulting in better angles, greater choice and more control.

The possibilities that can be achieved by Elevated Photography  are astounding and must be seen to be appreciated.


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