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Our Studio

By coming into the studio you avoid having to make any special arrangements at your home. It simplifies the taking and lighting process as our studio, while small in size, is custom prepared, built and kitted out solely for the purpose of making your portraits stunning, beautiful and works of art to adorn your walls for generations to come. Our Studio is available throughout the year and in all weather conditions. Once again we point out that our goal is to provide you with a selection of images that will give you choice and variety. You will get the opportunity to see the results and order your selection through our online web viewing system.

As you can see we have a range of backdrops to choose from. You can have a Christmas theme, a Regal theme, Autumnal Forest theme, Old World theme, High key white background, "Old Masters" brown theme, Funky colourful theme, Majestic Black theme,  Medium key abstract, Old Library,  etc.

We are continuously improving our equipment and our Studio in order to keep ahead of the latest changes in photography imaging and in technology.

Studio sessions are available by appointment during the week, evenings or at weekends


360/3D Rotational Studio & Virtual Tours

We have now added a 360/3D Rotational Studio to our complex. This is aimed at the online marketing sector and the growing need and desire by the consumer to be able to virtually view their potential purchases by rotating and zooming into the online product.

We are also providing a Virtual Tour creation service. In this new age of social media and virtual marketing where the consumer spends up to 37% of their awakened hours on line it is important, a must even, to be able to showcase your venue, tavern, resteraunt, retail unit, hotel, wedding venue, etc. in a manner that keeps you ahead of the competition. The modern consumer is more technical minded, internet active and generally more demanding in expectations. Your website is your first shop window that is on view twenty four hours each day worldwide. Make it more attractive with a virtual tour of your facilities


Click here to see some of our Rotational work 


Click here to view our Virtual Tour work



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