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        Rotational Photography


      (360/3D Spin Photography)


Our 360/3D photography is the ideal solution for all your eCommerce,
Online Catalogue and Website Photography. Our 360/3D photography
service is ideal for product photography. We create professional-grade
images fast and effiiently in-house and supply web ready solutions for
you to use. Our approach to 360/3D spin animation photography is done
in a bespoke fashion. Different products require different lighting and
exposure techniques to replicate their quality of the monitor or screen.
Combined with this, our post production for rotational 360/3D imaging
is second to none.
Interactive 360 degree and 3D product views are revolutionizing the way
people shop and sell online. Whether its to record specific details for
visual inspection, research, training or presentation purposes the
controlled nature and simplicity of our service solutions make 360/3D
photography an essential tool in today's web based business world.
The rotational view means that your customer can see all aspecte of your
product before you sell it, which greatly reduces the instances of returns
and increases the chance of sales.
With our rotational product photography the online buyer is also given a
unique shopping experience by being able to interact with the product
almost as if at the high street store. This type of photography allows the
viewer to move the image through 360 degrees, viewing it from all angles
and has a promising future as we move towards more and more online
shopping. It can be viewed from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet,
laptop or a desktop. We supply finished files in Flash, Html5 Fallback,
Html5 and  in Animated GIF
Please contact us to discuss your needs. Differenciate yourself from your
competitors and boost your online presence and revenue stream.
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