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                                                   VHS Tape to DVD transfer



More and more customers are calling to the studio inquiring about having their old Vhs Tapes converted to DVD. We have now installed the latest equipment to provide this service. Now you can have your memories that are at present on Video tape transfered to DVD here at our Studio. We can also make multiple copies of your new DVD if so required.







When submitting film, video tape, DVD or other materials to us, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that our liability for any loss or damage to film, video tape, DVD or other material left to us and while in our possession will be limited to the replacement cost or the replacement by us (whichever is the cheaper option) of non exposed film, video tape, DVD or such similar products. Except for such replacement, we shall not be liable for any other loss or damage associated directly or non-directly arising out of the customers ose of our services.

The customer also warrents that the material being presented to us for conversion and/or copying is not, to his/her knowledge protected by copyright or owned by a third party.