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Showcase your Venue/Facility

Enhance your website and your online presence with a Virtual Tour. Give your clients and potential customers the facility and opportunity to take a full 360 degree tour of your business or your venue. This is an excelent way for Hotels, Wedding Venues, Guest Accomodation, Leisure Facilities, Shops, Stores, Gyms, Spas, Churches, Restaurants, Boutiques, Estate Agents, Gardens, Nightclubs, Conference Facilities, etc, to showcase and promote their venues and locations.


Virtual Tours  -   Why invest?

In this new age of social media and viral marketing, where the consumer is more discerning, techno educated, computer and internet active and generally more demanding in expectation, it is hard to find a more engaging way of presenting and selling your venue to the customer. A virtual tour of a venue will give the potential Client a "sitting at home" experience of visiting your location and the confidence to distance book either on line or by telephone.

Research has proven that the longer that a customer stays on a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase or make a booking. Of course, the longer that someone stays on your website will increases the likelyhood that your google page rankings are increased to a higher rating. Lingering time on a website with a virtual tour is five times longer compared to a site without it..

Research conducted for the Carlson Hotel Goup showed that hotels with a virtual tour on their website achieved on average a 135% revenue increase in online bookings over those without a virtual tour.

Some other figures from this research are;

The estimated return on investment for virtual hotel tours is less than twelve weeks.

75% of surveyed clients visited 3 - 4 hotel websites before making their booking. If your hotel stands out from the rest, which one will they remember and be most likely to book?

Virtual tours can generate 46% more bookings than still images.

According to research by Google Ads, 57% of leisure travellers and 46% of business travellers have described virtual tours on a website as "a very desirable feature".


Virtual Tours can be used for your offline marketing needs also. You can create your virtual tour on memory stick, USB key, CD or DVD to be used as a presentation of your venue and provide them to your major clients and to new potential clients. This can also be used by sales staff on laptops, tablets and digital projection presentations. It is also ideal for inhouse marketing on large screens at key points within your venue where the public are most likely to view and be impressed with your marketing efforts. 

Just think that your venue, property, restaurant, hotel rooms, B&B, wedding function room or conference facility can be showcased on your website in all its elegance, luxury, comfort and style for the world at large to view and "walk around" in.