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Virtual Tour Pricing:

We offer solutions to clients who are looking to maximise their exposure and to showcase their venue and facilities to their clients and customers. Statistics prove that interactive websites engage the viewers allowing them to discover your products, your venue and facility in a fun, interactive way. This in turn shows Google that your site is attractive to your site visitors and will thus push your website rankings upwards making it easier to find in search engines. The traditional use of static photographs and images on your website cannot provide the same user experience or impact.

A 360 degree interactive Virtual Tour experience draws the viewer's attention inwards providing a stepping stone into your venue long before the potential client even arrives, giving you an advantage on your competition. 

Make your venue stand out from the rest !


How much will it cost?

Many factors come into play when determining the cost involved in completing a shoot. For every hour spent on location photography there may well be as much as three more hours needed in post production, linking and finalizing the end product. Many photographers charge by the hour and in addition add on creative and photographic fees, all of which can be confusing and expensive.

We have tried to simplify the pricing structure and in doing so have avoided many of the add-on costs. We have decided to charge per panorama (room photographed). Exceptions to this standard include (but not limited to);

          Additional interior lighting.

          Delayed entry into shoot location or delay causes outside our control.

          Travel time beyond 25 miles.

Our simplified pricing structure gives you an all inclusive price per panorama (room) and includes photography and post production.



Panorama Quantity                                  Each

1 (First)                                                  €200.00

2 to 5                                                     €110.00

6 to 8                                                     €100.00

9 t0 12                                                   €  95.00

12 to 15                                                 €  90.00

15 +                                                      €  85.00

Linking                                                   €   5.00 each

Travel costs may apply outside Co. Galway.

Contact us today with your requirements for a quote or to book your virtual tour shoot.