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The Weding Album Boutique

Your images are presented to you on this beautiful "Memory Heart" which attaches to your computer via the USB connection. Your images are also put on to "The Wedding Album Boutique" website as well as our own website and you can order an Album, Prints or Canvas Wall Prints from them at special prices. If you wish, you may come back to the Studio at a future date and order one of our superb quality albums instead. This "Memory Heart" package gives you versatility and choice in your selection of finished products.



Digital Images of your Wedding 

All our wedding packages that include an Album, also include copies of all of the images in digital format presented on a long life USB Memory Card for your sole use. We do not use DVD or CD disks as they have a short life span and as you probably already notice, the new computer and laptop is now coming without a DVD drive which is signaling the end of this type of media.