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                                           Training and Consultancy



Having commenced business in the middle of a recession in the early 1980's I quickly came to realise that Photography, as a business and a way of making a living, was not as easy as it seemed when looking in from the outside. There was a steep learning courve with little or no support, advice, education or qualification. The majority of my education and all of my qualifications were obtained AFTER my start-up as a Professional Photographer. I was lucky to have electronics and computer education and experience in my previous working place and this was to be a major asset to me, first of all, in implementing an accounts and client base system and then, later, to completely convert my business to digital photography in 2002. I was then in a position to assist many other photographers to make that "daunting" change over to digital photography and in-house printing.





In 1995 I was invited by Galway VEC to become an instructor for some of their night time classes in basic photography and to work with them as an instructor with trainees and transition students. This was for twelve hours per week. I remained with them for four years until the business demands were too great in the studio and I had to focus more on my own work.  



We provide consultancy and training in the fields below;



We now offer courses, consultancy and general advice on Camera purchase, Accessory purchase, Photography from basic to professional levels, Lighting in general and Studio set-ups. 


We guide you through the complex world of marketing. We can advise you on web design, hosting, search engine optimisation, page rankings,etc.

We can advise on such things as brochures, business cards, general printing, advertising and image projection, business logo's, signs, banners and promotional goods.



Advice and training on the routine requirements that are a must in any business such as keeping records, Banking, Book Keeping, Invoicing, VAT and Revenue registration and Returns, Company or Sole Trader requirements, Insurance, record retention, filing, computers, equipment purchase and leasing, etc.